Katerva Award Finalist
Framlab, 2020

Glasir is a finalist for “the Nobel of Sustainability”.


A Tree Assembles in Brooklyn
Framlab, 2019

Democratizing urban farming for Brooklyn, through modularity.

A Problem Shared
Frame Magazine, 2018

Speculating on coliving for a better planet.

Antifragile Housing
Cornell University AAP, 2018

Exploring modular housing systems at Cornell University AAP.

Right to Housing
UNECE, 2018

Discussing 3D-printing in response to global housing crisis.

Aten Reign
Guggenheim Museum, 2013

Consulting Guggenheim Museum for James Turrell installation.

SwD Prototyping  ︎
UNECE, 2018

Presenting 3D-printed shelters to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe at Urban Week 2018.

Guardians  ︎
Confidential, 2019
Glasir  ︎
Framlab 2020