Right to Housing
UNECE, 2018

Discussing 3D-printing in response to global housing crisis.

Antifragile Housing
Cornell University AAP, 2018

Exploring modular housing systems through Modularity Lab.

Aten Reign
Guggenheim Museum, 2013

Consulting Guggenheim Museum for James Turrell installation.

A Problem Shared
Frame Magazine, 2018

Speculating on coliving for a better planet.

Shelter with Dignity
Framlab, 2017

Reimagining what a homeless shelter can be for New York City.

A Tree (Grows) in Brooklyn
Framlab, 2017

Democratizing urban farming for Brooklyn, through modularity.

SwD Prototyping  ︎
UNECE, 2018

Presenting 3D-printed shelters to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe at Urban Week 2018.

Guardians  ︎
Confidential, 2019
NYC by the Numbers  ︎
Housing Design Studio
Cornell University AAP, 2018

Michael Paraszczak &
Reuben Posada