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               A. Tjeldflaat



I am a multidisciplinary designer and researcher based in New York and Norway. Currently, I am the design director of Framlab and Modularity Lab; an advisor with the United Nations REM and Antler; and an adj. asst professor at Columbia University and New York Institute of Technology.

Framlab, 2022
City Dynamics

Analyzing the urban effects of the pandemic.

Framlab, 2019
Aten Air

A platform for collective engagement
with the Guggenheim Aten Reign.

Guggenheim Museum, 2013

Aten Reign

London Design Biennale, 2021

Design in an Age of Crisis

︎︎︎ How can design address critical issues facing contemporary society?

Framlab, 2022


An analytical approach for minimizing
ecological building footprints.

Framlab, 2022

Selected Talks

Concious Cities Festival

New York City, NY

Homeless no More

UN Palais des Nations, Switzerland 

Feel the Future

Campus Party Brasilia, Brazil 

Selected Press

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