Andreas Tjeldflaat is a Norwegian architect and design engineer based in New York City and Bergen. He is the founder of Framlab, advisor for Antler, member of the UNECE REM, and adj asst professor at NYIT and Columbia University.


Katerva Award Finalist
Framlab, 2020

Glasir is a finalist for “the Nobel of Sustainability”.


A Tree Assembles in Brooklyn
Framlab, 2019

Democratizing urban farming for Brooklyn, through modularity.

A Problem Shared
Frame Magazine, 2018

Speculating on coliving for a better planet.

Humanistic Design
Design Pavilion, 2020

Discussing human-centered design with Snøhetta, Vestre, and Garrott Designs.

Right to Housing
UNECE, 2018

Discussing 3D-printing in response to global housing crisis.

Aten Reign
Guggenheim Museum, 2013

Consulting Guggenheim Museum for James Turrell installation.

SwD Prototyping  ︎
UNECE, 2018

Presenting 3D-printed shelters to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe at Urban Week 2018.

Open House  ︎
Confidential, 2019
Glasir  ︎
Framlab 2020


Andreas Tjeldflaat is a Norwegian architect and design engineer based in New York City. He is the founder of Framlab, a NYC and Bergen-based social innovation studio and director of Modularity Lab. Previously, Andreas has practiced with leading architecture firms, such as Toshiko Mori Architect in NYC and Reiulf Ramstad Architects in Oslo, and worked with Titoma in Taipei, 3xU in Copenhagen,

and Guggenheim Museum in NYC. Prior to this, he served in His Majesty The King's Guard in Oslo. Andreas has taught at renowned institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, and Columbia University. He earned a BSc degree in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

Upon graduation he was awarded the Philippe Cret Medal for consistent demonstration of design excellence. Andreas is currently conducting research on the architectural capacity of modularity, while trying to master the art of baking bread.


Feel the Future
Campus Party Brasilia, Brazil

Homeless no More
UN Palais des Nations, Switzerland

Shelter with Dignity
PLÅT18, Sweden



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